To the Black community, your voices are important and must be amplified. We stand with you. We value you.

Call for Submissions: Issue No. 6 

Special Issue on Language Deprivation  

April & May 2020 

As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs.

- George W. Veditz 

We are thrilled to announce that the Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ) will be relaunched in 2019 after a four-year hiatus. After successfully publishing four issues spanning from 2009 to 2014 and with 181 contributors in a wide range of topics related to Deaf Studies scholarship, DSDJ has recently received new funding through a grant awarded through the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). DSDJ is well on its way to publishing new issues with a newly designed platform that is supported by the University of Michigan Publishing.


The goal of DSDJ is to publish and revitalize by spreading cultural, creative, and academic work related to signing communities. The journal will be presented through a sign-centric digital platform.


Dr. Patrick Boudreault, Executive Editor, and Brianna Keogh, Managing Editor, are the team leads. They are working closely with an international advisory board and the former editors and co-founders of DSDJ, Dr. Dirksen Bauman, Dr. Ben Bahan, and Melissa Malzkuhn and current student assistants, Andrew Biskipuak and Iosif Shayman. DSDJ has already begun the migration process of articles, videos, and other content to the newly designed publishing platform. We look forward to the forthcoming issues and the future of the journal.


If you have questions about submitting your work with DSDJ,

please contact